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Topic: Critique of a Nursing Theory

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Topic: Critique of a Nursing Theory

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide the student with an opportunity to develop the ability to critique a theory using a framework of choice

1. Thoroughly read literature on a Nursing theory of your choice.
2. Prepare a 5-6 page paper
3. Using standard criteria for determining internal and external validity, critique the theory of your choice.
4. Perform a critique using a critique standard followed by a summary statement that includes the strengths and weaknesses of the theory and how this theory is applicable to Advanced Nursing Practice roles, such as Family Nurse Practitioners, Administrators and Clinical Educators.
5. Use APA guidelines and format.
6. Support your discussion with at least 10 references (7-8 must be articles from current professional nursing theory databases.)

The Paper will be Graded based on this criteria:
1. The level of the theory is properly classified using an analysis system and the rationale for the classification. Appropriate criteria for determining internal and external validity is identified and chosen.
2. The entire theory/conceptual model is clearly critiqued in the narrative of the paper
3. Each aspect of the criteria used for the critique are adequately addressed.
4. The strength and weaknesses of the theory/conceptual model are described completely
5. The discussion addresses all aspects of the critique.

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