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Successful Nurse Assisting Custom Essay

Successful Nurse Assisting
Taking care of the sick, disabled, or debilitated is indeed physically and emotionally exhausting. The critical tasks a nurse assistant must accomplish cause wear and tear on the body and mind. A certified nurse assistant or CNA is a person trained to do basic nursing tasks and provide direct primary care to the patients in a health care setting under a nurse’s supervision. This means spending more time with the patient than the other caregivers. Therefore, the quality of this care is important to overall healthcare satisfaction. There are many nurse assistants that do not take their job as seriously as they should. Working as a CNA for four years in a hospital setting, I have seen many that come to work simply to get a free check. There are many that do not take good care of their patients. If this type of care becomes overlooked or increases, this will result in bad quality medical facilities and difficulty in patients getting physically better.

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Successful Nurse Assisting Custom Essay

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