Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare Paper Essay Assignment Paper

Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare Paper Essay Assignment Paper

Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare Paper Essay Assignment Paper

Factually, the history traces the medical practice as one of the highest statuses and ranks in American occupation. However, despite this ranking, there has been little effort if any in this profession when it comes to divesting itself from the racism subtle which has been seen to permeate through the the entire society’s structures. According to the medical examination in America, it is clear that prejudice and discrimination in this profession has not begun just the other day (Samuel et al. 601). To some extent, this examination provides enough evidence to the confirmation of what has been feared by many and especially the victims of this inhuman act; that the racism is there to stay. Since the reconstruction time, there has been existence of schools whose main aim has solely been specified to the training of the black doctors.

These schools have not been a mark of the past since the popularity has not diminished even since those early years of their establishment. The popularity has still been high portraying the effects of discrimination which have left these students with nowhere else to develop their careers. In addition, during and even after the reconstruction, there was an establishment of some medical schools with an aim of training the black physicians. In this period, there has been two medical schools for four years, whose foundation can be traced back to the year 1867 together with the Meharry college of medicine whose foundation is traced back to the year 1876 (Blackwell 22). During this period, heavy penalties were imposed to those that extended some signs of sympathy to the medical practice training to the blacks.

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The parallel organizations development among the groups that were perceived to be minority is seen to be a response to the policies of discrimination. This was enhanced by the 1895 establishment of the National Association of Medicine. The establishment of this association was mainly based on the fact that the there was no welcoming of the black physicians to the American Medical Association (AMA), especially the Columbia District and some of the states in the south (Shea 933).

Samuel et al (601) has carried out research to establish the cause and tread of racism in the medical field. This was substantiated by collection of data that was aimed at looking at the perception of the blacks towards the issue of racism, prejudice and discrimination. This study by Samuel et al. (601) established several reasons that were perceived to cause discrimination which were inclusive of the fact that the discrimination and prejudice experiences had become very highly mentioned topics for discussion among the blacks. The study was also based on the understanding that racial discrimination had received major covering as one of the major stresses that the medical schools experienced.

In addition, there was establishment that very few studies have been conducted in relation to the racism perception in the schools that were reserved as belonging to the whites. Seeking of the information was especially based on the understanding of the level of stress issues that resulted from the practices which were discriminative together with the approaches that were used to deal with such experiences. This and other studies have sourced racism as resulting from the attitudes which are perceived to be paranoid. There has also been a perception that medical racism is necessary and good test for reality. In addition, discrimination and racism is at some point a focal issue that is full of stress through which the problem of adapting to the medical environment of the white is compounded.

There is also another perception which holds that the level of racism has in the past period been on a diminishing level. This is based on the studies which have largely established an increase in the number of black students joining the medical institutions which have in the past been dominated by the whites. This has been a clear sign of an increasing appreciation for the blacks by the white community although this is a process which has been noted to be slow. Between the year 1955 and 1973 there was a noted increase in the number of black medical students in the medical institutes for the whites from 2.7 percent to a new level of 6 percent (Reitzes and Elkhanially 56).

The interviews that were conducted with the black students clearly highlighted that the increase in the number of blacks was accompanied by a reduction in the overall level of racism. This data brought a clear indication of a reduction in the level of discrimination to the blacks when in comparison to 20 years earlier. However, during a survey that was conducted between the year 1973 and 1974, there was a notable increase in the discrimination experience in the medical schools and against the black patients although this was not as high as the discrimination level that had been recorded some years earlier.

Basically, various studies that have been carried out in the past have brought out a perception to the discrimination that has been wide spread with this extensiveness being especially experienced by the blacks. In the medical institutions where there has been massive discrimination, it has in most cases been perceived that the attendance of schools by these victims has been coupled with being participants in the changes in the civil rights in the decades during which their education has been influenced. To the victims of racism, the experience of racism and discrimination has in the past been filled with shock and surprise.  These experiences of racism have been perceived to be stereotyped attitudes that have expressed various disparagement levels which have been targeted at the blacks coupled with the strong negative stereotyping of the patients that are black.Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare Paper

Based on the fact that abundant prejudice has been experienced not only in the area of medical school, it is surprising to find significant racism perceptions which have even resulted to adoption of behaviors that are perceived to be specific. Among these behaviors, there has been that which has been aimed at deliberately attempting to disprove the intellectual inferiority stereotype through ensuring that they work harder in the medical institutions. In addition, there is also another behavior which has been in these racially discriminated students which has been withdrawal into silence which has been obviously passive.

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