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Psychiatry Nursing Custom Essay assignment

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I need you to send the introduction part by Nov 8
The purpose of this assignment is to allow yo to actively engage in an area of clinical practice relevant to your branch which is Psychiatry Nursing, through engaging with research by conducting a literature review. Specifically you are required to:
1. Identify a patient/client nursing issue
2. Develop an answerable research question in relation to the chosen issue
3. Outline your search strategy
4. Critically analyse the literature
5. Summarize the literature through a discussion
6. Make recommendations for nursing practice
The assignment has TWO PARTS:
PART A (Assessed with Part B)
This section of the assignment is part of the overall mark for the module and is a pre-requisite to part B.
1. Identify a patient/client nursing issue that is specific to Psychiatric nursing practice
2. Specify a clinical/practice question pertinent to that patients/clients issue.

This section will take the format of a short essay to meet the above learning outcomes. It should include an introduction to your practice issue and provide some background as to why you have chosen to explore this issue. It should outline your research question which should be clear and concise, not too broad. This section should be supported with the relevant literature to ensure feasibility of Part B. NOTE: You need to show evidence of your search strategy with adequate literature.

This is an academic essay and therefore should adopt the appropriate writing style and format.
1. Word count: 400
2. Please use the format, Introduction, main Body, Conclusion
Assignments must be typed in times Roman Numeral/Arial font size 12 and double spaced as per assignment submission guidelines.
NOTE: I am in 4th year, Psychiatric Nursing. in Ireland. Please I will be in touch with you. Thank you. 2500 w

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