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Preventing air embolism in central lines

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Preventing air embolism in central lines

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Preventing air embolism in central lines essay assignment

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Writing Assignment
Description of Paper: Using Evidence to Support Practice
During the first weeks of the semester the student will work in clinical to identify a problem theyexperience in caring for a patient. It must be a problem within the scope of practice of an RN. The student will explore current practice on the unit where theyare having their clinical experience. Use the clinical practice manual/policy and procedure manual to validate the procedure.
The student will review current literature related to this intervention/problem.
Select at least one article from an American Nursing Journal written within the last 7 years that describes this intervention. Summarize how the article recommends this intervention
should be performed. Compare and contrast how the intervention is performed in practice and how it should be performed based on recommendations found in the literature. What are the major differences (if any) be specific. What recommendations would you make to change the policies and procedure manual or how would you recommend nurses at this site change their practice.

At the completion of the experience the student will:
1.Explain the role of evidence in determining best practices.
2.Identify gaps between local and best practice.
3. Develop problem solving skills useful in clinical practice.
4.Use resources found on the unit.
5.Enhance writing skills through the use of APA format.
6.Evaluate the quality of nursing journals and their applicability on practice.
This assignment grade equals 5% toward final course grade.

Resource Groups for Paper:
Assigned Faculty
Student Groups
Format: use APA Styleas you did in previous writing projects.

: College Resources on home page >
College Writing Center or College
Library Home Page, Research> Citation Resources> APA tab ( or use
Purdue University OnlineWriting Guide, OWL).The college library has fact sheets available both on APA format and how to organize an academic paper.
Cover page-1page
Abstract page-1page
Body of paper/content: 2-3pagesdouble spaced, typewritten, 12 font
Reference page

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