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Assessment, Pharmacology and diverse population

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Assessment, Pharmacology and diverse population

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Assessment, Pharmacology and diverse population

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This order includes 2 assessments( a total of 8 pages).
a)Assessment 1: Pharmacology and diverse population
needs a 3 pages impact report about health concerns of new influx of immigrant population from India to USA. Describe the most common health concerns and issues of Indians, explain current pharmacological treatment that will be likely prescribed to them , explain how culture and traditional practices may affect use of pharmacology and patient outcomes. identify evidenced based strategies for the organization and nursing staff to use to educate the population and promote health and wellness. Identify cultural sensitive strategies the nursing staff can apply with the this population to educate about the correct use of the pharmacological treatments.

b)Assessment 3: Research and pharmacology
Needs a 5 page article on THE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA in treating neurological problems. Apply practice guidelines and standards of evidenced based practice related to pharmacology for safe use and effective nurse practice. Explain health concern associated with this topic and appropriate use of pharmacology for the condition, efficacy and applicability , the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and the use of pharmacology, and how the topics affects the communities and organizations, describe inequites regarding access to pharmacological treatments

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