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Nursing Theory, Research and Practice

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Nursing Theory, Research and Practice

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Nursing Theory, Research and Practice essay assignment

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Nursing Theory, Research and Practice
Project description
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Step 1 Review the scenario.
During the course of your practice as a staff nurse on a medical-surgical unit, the nurse manager and unit-based council state that discharge teaching for postoperative patients will now include information pertaining to wound assessments, care, and dressing changes (as needed). The basis for this change stemmed from the unit consensus about postoperative readmissions with wound infections. The unit-based council performed a review of the literature and has decided to implement a discharge teaching plan that will include specific information addressing wound care.
Step 2 Research your problem.
Identify one research article pertaining to this problem (the article must be from nursing research from the United States, which was published within the last five years from a peer-reviewed journal). Suggestions for finding an article include use of the library and journal articles posted to the Internet.
Step 3 Review aspects of theories and conceptual models.
Consider the following topics:
Consider the various aspects of a theory and nursing conceptual models.
Consider the purpose of research and how theory and research work together to support evidence-based practice.
Think of how theory and nursing conceptual models could be used to reflect on the problem described above in nursing practice.
Step 4 Write a two-page (500-word) paper.
Write a paper that analyzes the importance of theory, research findings, and practice as it relates to evidence-based research. Then, using the above scenario and the article you identified in Step 2, summarize how the aspects of a theory would help support evidence-based research into the problem described in the scenario. Also, describe which nursing conceptual model would be appropriate for research into this problem and why.

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