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Keep the ten program objectives in mind when looking through your assignments; you will need to find minimum of one unique example for each objective which demonstrates growth and achievement The more examples you have, will best reflect growth and change. You may repeat examples to demonstrate growth, BUT EVERY objective will have its’ own example so you will have at least ten appendices. To create the appendix see example below, you should have minimum 10 labeled assignments, but may have more. Once you number an appendix, that number does not change, and if you repeat it keep the initial assigned number.
The following ten program objectives serve as section headings for each narrative section, therefore use APA level one header format. Build your portfolio in order of the objectives below note: copy these objectives exactly as is do not create or modify them.

1.Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences and nursing science in understanding global perspectives, stimulating critical thinking, and using current technologies

2.Make sound decisions in the use of patient information and healthcare technology to design, coordinate, manage, and evaluate nursing care for individuals, families and populations

3.Demonstrate clinical excellence to provide caring, compassionate, and culturally appropriate patient-centered care to people in a variety of settings.

4. Communicate, collaborate, and negotiate effectively to improve patient healthcare outcomes

5.Exhibit professional values and behaviors as affirmed by a code of ethics, professional standards, and legal statutes

6. Promote healthy lifestyles through health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention education for individuals and populations

7. Incorporate evidence-based knowledge and theory into nursing practice

8. Demonstrate leadership and collaboration within interdisciplinary healthcare partners and professional, political, and/or regulatory organizations to support change in healthcare

9.Allocate and manage resources to ensure patient safety and high quality healthcare

10.Engage in life-long learning and scholarly inquiry to continue professional career development

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