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Master’s-Prepared Nurse Interview Custom Essay

Master’s-Prepared Nurse Interview
Introduction I had the privilege to work for many years with couple of master’s prepared nurses and they always inspired me to join master’s level program. I interviewed one of my friends [S.V] who is a colleague at the hospital where I work as a requirement for the course and also to get a broader depth and understanding of the Masters in nursing program. That helped me to get more information about the program and also gives more in depth information. It leads to more conversation and to know more other career choices that are available to Master’s prepared nurse. Overview of Career S.V grew up in Hawaii and she worked as a patient care technician, she started in medical surgical floor in a community hospital and she worked 12 hour shift for two days and worked part time .She took care of patient’s vital signs and help ambulate patients, maintaining intake and output and diet

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Master’s-Prepared Nurse Interview Custom Essay

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