Managing Lifetime Fitness and Lifetime Fitness

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Managing Lifetime Fitness and Lifetime Fitness essay assignment


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According to our book “Fitness and Wellness” by Hoeger and Hoeger, wellness is an all-inclusive umbrella covering a variety of health-related factors and behaviors. Wellness is a lifestyle made up of 7 different types of behaviors. Those behaviors are Physical, emotional, intellectual, Social, Environmental, Spiritual, and Occupational. Each of these behaviors effects the other. In order to live a life of wellness, there must be a steady flow of all these 7 dimensions. (Hoeger. 2013. Pg 7-8)There will be high and lows in each but making sure that one isn’t always in the low will create wellness. Another good way to look at wellness is “Wellness= optimal health and vitality” (Block).

When an individual can meet both the ordinary and the unusual demands of daily life safely and effectively without being overly fatigued and still have energy left for leisure and recreational activities means they are Physically Fit. Physical fitness can be classified into health-related and skill-related fitness. Health-related fitness is made of four components cardiorespiratory, muscular fitness, muscular flexibility, and body composition. Skill-related fitness is made up of 6 components: ability, balance, coordination, power, speed, and reaction time. Skill-Related fitness enhances the overall quality of life by helping people cope effectively in emergent situations. ( Hoeger. 2013. Pg 8-9)

The book states “To achieve wellness way of life and individual must be in good health, physically fit, must avoid risk factors for diseases…” (Hoeger. 2013. Pg 7) wellness and physical fitness go hand in hand. Having the physical fitness skills will put you in physical shape, but you also need to have a balance of the 7 dimensions of wellness in order to create longevity. Having longevity will increase your quality of life. Getting up and moving is one way of improving your wellness. The more you enhance your physical fitness the greater the benefits of longevity and the least likely you are to die of heart failure or obesity.


When looking at physical fitness, it is defined “as the state of general well being, physically sound and healthy, along with mental ability (“What is Physical Fitness?”, 2019)”. There are many ways that physical fitness can be achieved. Exercise is one of them. Other ways to achieve physical fitness is through nutrition, enough rest, and stress management. Being physically fit contributes to physical longevity because if you are healthy physically, your body systems will be able to function better. Being physically fit contributes to your quality of life because if you are physically fit you will hopefully live longer and be able to enjoy your life for many more years than if you did not take care of yourself physically.

Wellness is defined as “an active process becoming aware and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life (“What is Wellness? | Student Health and Counseling Services”, 2019).” Feeling well is more an overall mental, physical, and social state of well being where physical fitness is more of just the physical state of being healthy. Wellness contributes to the physical longevity of life because if you are free from illness and feel good physically, mentally, and socially, you will live longer. Wellness can contribute to the quality of life because if you are in a good mental, physical, and social state, the world around you will better too.

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