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Integrative case analysis And presentation Custom Essay

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Integrative case analysis And presentation Custom Essay

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Integrative case analysis And presentation Custom Essay assignment

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My assignment is like presentation + case analyse
i will do the presentation am going to do the power-point but i will get the points form your paper research you going to find the information’s and do the paper research


((An elderly Narangga patient suffers a cardiac arrest during cardiac surgery. CPR is commenced by
the surgical team whilst a nurse films part of this on her IPhone. On her tea break she posts this video
clip on her Facebook page with a tagline – ‘guess what happened at work today?’ Although the nurse
does not identify the patient the hospital is named. A nursing colleague who is also a Facebook
friend saw this and reported it to management.))

in this paper research there are 3 tables you need to talk about the
ethical, legal and cultural safety issues so the first one about ethical and second about legal and the third about cultural safety TALK ABOUT EACH ONE ABOUT ISSUE AND RESPOND (RECOURSES) FOR EACH ONE




for example: ( in legal >> issue / she is confidaliaty , breach of professional boundaries and duty of care )

for examle 🙁 in ethical >> issue / breach of trust )

so maybe helpful this points to know what is it

i will give you the name of the two books its really really important to find informations from them then u can add from another references but i need this books in my reference list and in paper research

1/ Atkins, K, Britton, B & de Lacey, S 2011, Ethics and law for Australian nurses, Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne, Vic.

(this book u can find informations of the ethical and legal (low))


(in this book you can find informations about cultural safety )

i will put the paper details but forget about the powerpoint and the video i can do by my self but if u find any short video help me to put it in the presentation please give it to me

the details is :

In this assignment you are asked to produce a presentation, 3-5 minutes in length of a case analysis by making
PowerPoint presentation with voice over . There are several cases.
Choose the one that interests you most. ( I ALREADY CHOOSE IT UP UP ITS CALL CASE STUDY ))
In order to complete this assignment you will need to: (important things need it in the paper )

• perform a critical analysis of the case.
• identify the ethical, legal and cultural safety issues which emerge in your analysis of the case
• prepare a table describing each of these ISSUES and the SOURCES
help you understand each of the issues. Create a full reference list in the appropriate
format to accompany your table and final presentation.
• consider how to present this case analysis using your chosen medium.
Further information.

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