Identify the legal and ethical issues in relation to the administration of the medications Mr Blogges has been charted.

Nursing Case study
It is midday on your shift at St Elsewhere Hospital.
Mr Joe Blogges is a new patient to your unit. He was admitted at 0830 hrs this morning from the Emergency Department (ED) of another hospital. He fell down x3 stairs at home 5 days ago and has since suffered back pain. Since the fall he has been struggling to cope due to the pain. At 0800hrs morning he received 5mg Morphine IV whilst in the ED of the other hospital. Upon his
arrival to the ward he was prescribed oral medication for this pain. CT and XRay reports indicate
he has soft tissue damage but no fractures. He has several large bruises. He describes his pain
as ‘like a spasm’ and the pain increases when he tries to move.
When you enter Mr Blogges’ room he is sitting up in bed and grimacing. His wife is with him.
When he sees you he states he has pain and would like some pain relief.
Essay Question:
Apply clinical reasoning to the management of Mr Blogges’ medications as they have been
In your answer ensure that you:
• Identify the legal and ethical issues in relation to the administration of the medications Mr Blogges has been charted.
• Choose ONE legal or ethical issue in relation to the management of Mr Blogges’ pain
and outline the actions you will undertake in relation to this issue.
• Apply the use of relevant best-practice decision making tools in your answer.
An academic writing style is required for this assessment item. It is to be written in an essay
style. Whilst headings are allowed, dot points or headings used as dot points are not
Considered acceptable. An introduction/conclusion is expected.

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