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Health sciences and medicine

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Health sciences and medicine essay assignment

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Performing in professional environments

Project description
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Power point presentation

Hi my name is heeresh k Soogrim , I work as a community healthcare assistant with district nursing my job involves doing insulin, eye drops, wound dressing, leg dressing, venepuncture (taking blood) helping nurses with double handed visits. I go to see patient in their own homes or residential homes.

I am currently doing a “foundation degree assistant practitioner ” at Bedfordshire university.
I have to do a sumative 10 minutes power point presentation on my role within the professional environment and need references with it.
Assesment Criteria:
-Maintain confidentiality and protect data.
-understand legal and ethical framework
-appreciate the importance of co scent
-promote autonomy
-recognise own limitation
-understand the meaning of accountability
-show an awareness of your own work

Guideline for this Assesment
-you need to show the marker that you
– can identify the different roles you undertake in your professional environment
-have engaged with academic/ professional sources …not just surfed the web
-produce and use visual aids to enhance the presentation
-your work essay should be fully referenced using Harvard system

Ensure the work
– has an introduction
-Has aims and objectives
-identifies roles you undertake using relevant literature to back up issues
-has a reference list

Autonomy or consent

Please don’t hesita to contact me if u need more details.
Minimize instructions

It should mentioned how I maitained confidentiality and protect data
-appreciate the important of consent
-Understand the meaning of accountability

Feedback from last presentation from the lecturer.

In the presentation you have send me it does not elaborate in any one of these subject and it should be based on my work place.
Please it would be very greatfull if you could do the necessary changes.
I will really appreciate it

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