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Health Policy Proposal Analysis

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Health Policy Proposal Analysis

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Health Policy Proposal Analysis essay assignment

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Please follow the professor guidelines with some your expertise:
Application Assignment 2: Health Policy Proposal Analysis (Policy Brief)

Nurses engaged in the policy arena often are asked to provide information on a health care topic of interest to policy makers. This is frequently accomplished through developing a policy brief. A policy brief advocates for a particular recommendation (prior to the enactment of a policy). Learning how to write a policy brief in a clear, succinct, scholarly, and professional manner is an essential skill for advanced practice nurses.

For this assignment, you will assess one of the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health: Report Brief. You will then develop a policy brief to advocate for this recommendation.

To prepare:
•Review the Lavis et al. article on preparing and writing policy briefs provided in the Learning Resources.
•Select one of the recommendations within the IOM The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health: Report Brief to focus on for this assignment.
•Research the history of the problem behind the recommendation and what has been done to try to solve the problem.
•What does the recommendation say should be done? Are there any groups, nursing and others, currently supporting work to implement the recommendation (e.g., Kaiser Family Foundation, professional organizations)? Does the recommendation suggest specific groups that should be involved in the implementation? Think critically about how the recommendation should be implemented – did the IOM get it right? What other strategies are possible to consider?
To complete:
•Develop a scholarly and professionally written 2- to 3-page single-spaced policy brief on the recommendation you selected from the IOM report following the format presented in the Lavis et al. article. Include the following:
◦Short introduction with statement of the problem.
◦The selected recommendation (from the IOM Report)
◦Current characteristics
◦The impact of the recommendation from the perspective of consumers, nurses, other health professionals, and additional stakeholders
◦Current solutions
◦Current status in the health policy arena
◦Final conclusions
◦Resources used to create the policy brief.

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