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Ethical Problem Discussion:

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Ethical Problem Discussion:

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Ethical Problem Discussion essay assignment

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Dealing with an impaired nurse that showed up for a shift after drinking alcohol we gave her the option of seeking assistance from the employee assistance program

While working as the assistant director of nursing, I noticed the smell of alcohol on the individuals breath her breath while giving her shift report. I asked her if she had been drinking and she admitted that she had. I took her into the break room and told her that I could not allow her to care for patients in that state and that I would call the supervisor and stay on until a replacement could be found. I also told her that she should arrange for someone to take her home as I did not feel comfortable with her driving. She also agreed and had her husband come and pick her up. The supervisor was notified and since she could not find a replacement at the last minute she and I split the shift. The director of nurses was given a brief and spoke to the individual and referred her to employee health. She agreed and she was also granted FEMLA to seek counseling for personal issues relating to her coming to work in an impaired state. The leadership guideline that were used from Northouse were respect-respect for the individual by handling the situation in a professional and confidential manner: service-service to her and the patients by not allowing an impaired nurse to care for vulnerable patients and by not allowing her risk the chance of making a mistake that could cost her a career; honesty in allowing her to tell the truth and praising her for doing so; community-not allowing her to drive impaired to further put the community at risk. AS covered in Northouse page 431 “treating others as a end rather than a means requires that we treat other people’s decisions and values with respect; failing to do so would signify that we were treating them as a means to our own ends.”

After reading Northouse�s chapter 15, post and example of an ethical problem you encountered and how it was managed by you and your colleagues. What specific leadership strategies were implemented?


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