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Differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study

Case Study:
Alicia is an 18-year-old female who is brought into urgent care by her mother. She is complaining of dizziness. She recently started to lift weights for softball season. She has been healthy up to this point. Vitals are: temp 101.9°F, HR 120, RR 24, BP 90/54. She has lower extremity edema and decreased skin turgor. She states that her shoulders, thighs, and lower back hurt. She is having trouble moving her arms and legs. She also complains of vague abdominal pain, with nausea and vomiting. Labs came back with CK 10,000, uric acid 40 mg/dl, WBC 14.3, BUN:creatinine ratio 6:1, K 5.8. Urinalysis shows a presence of myoglobin of more than 25.

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Differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study

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  1. An explanation of the differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study you selected.
  2. Explain which is the most likely diagnosis for the patient and
  3. Why
  4. Include an explanation of unique characteristics of the disorder you identified as the primary diagnosis. Then,
  5. Eexplain a treatment and management plan for the patient, including appropriate dosages for any recommended treatments.
  6. Finally, explain strategies for educating patients and families on the treatment and management of the genitourinary disorder.

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